EMDR Training

EMDR Academy Australia is helping to build and support the next generation of practitioners and leaders. We provide EMDR training, consultation and support in becoming accredited practitioners or consultants. Our focus on innovation and best practice draws from national and international leaders.

EMDR Academy provides training and support for every level of experience.

Level 1 covers the basics required to become a practitioner. Level 2 focuses on complex cases, to broaden your range. Our Refresher course ensures you are up to date with current theories, practice and builds your confidence when challenges occur.

For more opportunities to learn from experts and innovators in the field of EMDR, check out our workshops and events.

EMDR Training Australia

Level 1 – Basic Training

This practical course allows participants to immediately utilise EMDR therapy with clients.

  • A minimum of 20 hours of integrated theory and practice
  • Priority access to 5 hours of consultation
  • Accredited by EMDRAA
  • Taught by experienced trainers and clinicians
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Level 2 – Advanced Training

Advanced training needs to be completed within 2 years of Level 1 Basic training.

  • 20 hours of integrated theory and practice
  • Priority access to 5 hours of consultation
  • Completion of both levels of training and 10 hours consultation meets the 50 hours required to be fully trained in EMDR.

Please note: Our Level 2 training has now been accredited by EMDRAA.

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EMDR Training Australia
EMDR Training Australia

Refresher Training

There are many reasons why practitioners choose to attend refresher training. Some may have trained but had little opportunity to practice. Even those who have continued to incorporate EMDR often need to refresh the procedural steps and underlying concepts. Some newly trained practitioners find it helpful to do a refresher to consolidate their learning, while others interested in becoming Accredited practitioners or consultants want to refresh their terminology, knowledge and skill set.

  • Interactive and energising
  • A succinct and practical overview of major concepts, procedural steps, and key skills
  • Designed to increase confidence and effectiveness
  • Understand recent innovations and future directions
  • Available online
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Eligibility to undertake EMDR training. Please visit their website prior to registration.

Our training meets the curriculum standards of EMDRAA and EMDRIA

What is involved in training?

EMDR training involves experiential learning and practice. During training, participants experience EMDR as a ‘client’ and as the therapist. Only a minor disturbing event is worked on during training.

To complete training, practitioners need to undertake 50 hours of integrated training and consultation. This consists of:

  • Level 1 Basic training – 20 hours didactic and practical training followed by 5 hours of consultation
  • Level 2 Advanced Training – 20 hours didactic and practical training followed by 5 hours of consultation

We deliver Level 1 and 2 training as an integrated package, or participants may complete Advanced training with us after they have successfully completed Level 1 with another trainer. We can also deliver both Levels 1 and 2 to organisations or small groups of practitioners in your own setting.

We offer Level 1 and 2 Training in three formats:

  • Enrol in one of our public training sessions on this website
  • Get a group of 10 practitioners together and request a package to meet your needs. We can come to regional or rural areas.
  • We can deliver training directly to organisations, on site, with your staff. We can also assist in building the capacity of your team to become self-reliant, as we support organisations in developing clinical governance processes to meet accreditation standards.

Level 1 Basic Training

Level 1 Basic Training consists of 3 days:

  • 1 day pre-workshop preparation – 8-10 hours completed online in the participants’ own time. The material is provided prior to the workshop and includes reading material, didactic lecture, and reflective exercises
  • 2 days live workshop – 13 hours of theory and supervised practice. The course is highly interactive, with a focus on building skills through practice and observation.

Level 2 Advanced Training

Level 2 Advanced training consists of 3 days of face-to-face or live webinar training.

The course is highly interactive, with a focus on skills building through practice and observation.

What is involved in Consultation?

  • 10 hours of consultation is required to complete EMDR Training.  
  • Not all training programs offer consultation. We provide small-group consultation following all basic training. Our training graduates have first access to consultation hours.
  • Alternatively, you may seek consultation from an EMDRAA approved consultant. A list of Accredited Consultants is available on their website https://emdraa.org/accredited-practitioners/
  • Finishing the full 50 hours of training and consultation makes you eligible to be a Full member of EMDRAA.

When I complete my basic training, am I now an Accredited Practitioner?

No – This is not the same as being an Accredited Practitioner. Full membership only confirms that you have finished the training. It makes no judgement about competency
To become an Accredited Practitioner, you must meet further requirements set by EMDRAA

Full details on EMDRAA Accreditation requirements are available on their website.

Is there a required text for training?  
Yes. The required text for EMDR Basic training Level 1 and 2 is: Shapiro, F. (2018) Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy: Basic Principles, Protocols, and Procedures (3rd Edition), Guilford Press: New York. It is highly recommended you purchase your own copy. Access to the text is required for pre-training reading.
Terms and Conditions 
Prior to registering for training, please read the full terms and conditions available here.

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