EMDR Consultation

EMDRAA, the Australian professional association overseeing EMDR, sets the competency framework for accreditation. We provide group and individual consultation to complete basic training, become an Accredited Practitioner or an Accredited Consultant.

We are helping to develop our future generation of EMDR clinicians and consultants. This as an important part of capacity building, meeting the needs of our community, and providing a career path for skilled clinicians.

Group and individual packages are available face-to-face and via zoom. We also provide consultation for more advanced practice including working with children and adults.

EMDR Consultation Australia

Consultation to Complete Basic Training

  • 5 hours of consultation is required after each level of training. Training is not considered complete until all 10 hours of consultation have been completed.
  • Not all training programs offer consultation.
  • A consultant must be approved by EMDRAA. A list of Accredited Consultants is available here
  • Finishing the full 50 hours of training and consultation makes you eligible to be a full member of EMDRAA.

Consultation to Become an Approved Practitioner

Accredited practitioners need to meet standards set by EMDRAA. We provide individual and group consultation that builds confidence and competence, as well as assisting you to meet the accreditation requirements.

EMDR Consultation Australia
EMDR Consultation Australia

Consultation to Become an Approved Consultant

  • We recruit Consultants-in-Training (CITs) and support them through training, consultation and supervision.
  • We provide opportunities to develop the required skills and experience in a safe, supportive environment.
  • We value fairness and see our relationship with CITs as a partnership with rights and responsibilities.
  • In our capacity building with organisations, we assist in developing governance and supervision processes, so that trained EMDR practitioners become Accredited Practitioners and eventually Accredited Consultants.

It is not compulsory to be accredited to provide EMDR therapy. However, we support accreditation as a means of protecting the public, ensuring standards, and developing a professional network of competent EMDR therapists. EMDRAA is the professional association governing Australia.

There are 3 levels of accreditation in EMDRAA:

  1. Approved Practitioner
  2. Approved Consultant
  3. Approved Trainer

Full details on EMDRAA Accreditation requirements are available here.

EMDR Academy provides consultation to meet accreditation standards. Consultation is provided by Accredited Consultants or by Consultants-in-Training, under supervision of an accredited consultant. We deliver the consultation component of basic training in two formats:

  • Individual consultation, delivered face to face or via zoom
  • Group consultation face-to-face or via zoom
  • For child therapists, groups focussing on children are available

Australian Aboriginal FlagEMDR Academy Australia acknowledges and celebrates the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and future, and celebrate the rich and living culture of our First Peoples.