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EMDR Academy partners with like-minded individuals and organisations to provide high quality training for new and experienced EMDR therapists.


“We can’t prevent traumas but is there a window of opportunity
to prevent the accumulation of trauma memories?”
– Elan Shapiro

EMDR Early Interventions are used around the world and are based on innovative adaptions of the standard protocol. EMDR-EI can decrease symptoms of trauma, and may help prevent secondary complications that impact quality of life, health and well-being. A White Paper published in 2018, summarised current research findings and listed the advantages of EMDR-EI interventions:

  • They are effective and appear to be safe
  • They can be used with individuals, or up-scaled for use with groups, families and communities
  • They’ve been used across generations, cultures and genders
  • They are brief, and can be administered multiple times in a day, or on consecutive days
  • They are portable and easily transported in the field, including to disaster zones, schools, and evacuation sites
  • They provide low level interventions and act as screening tools to identify those needing more intensive treatment

Recent and Group Traumatic Episode Protocols (R-TEP & G-TEP) were developed by Elan Shapiro and Brurit Laub for large scale interventions with individuals and groups. R-TEP & G-TEP are used widely around the world, following man-made and natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, terrorist attacks and mass trauma. But we have also used them with individuals, families and groups after trauma such as sexual assault, family violence, traumatic loss and workplace violence.

In 2020, we will be providing Elan Shapiro’s approved training throughout Australia. While these models have been described in books and manuals, just like the standard protocol, effective training integrates the procedural steps with practicums. Our training includes the approved manual and ensures participants can maintain fidelity to the model. We will also be building capacity by training facilitators to assist in training.


“Now is the time to be bold and responsible in our efforts to take on the trauma epidemic: to achieve maximum trauma reduction in the shortest possible time… Lest we forget: Treatment deferred is treatment denied”
– Rolf Carriere, 2014

As a matter of social justice, EMDR therapy should be available to all those who need it. We are helping extend the reach of EMDR, taking it to new areas of practice, and to communities in need. Through our EMDR training and development projects, we are building a network of skilled practitioners to deliver innovative and effective EMDR therapy to adults, children, communities and families.

With our partners, we conduct pilot projects, and develop models to deliver EMDR to new populations, or in innovative ways. We then support accredited practitioners and consultants to develop skills within our project areas. This includes support to therapists treating children suffering abuse and neglect, providing EMDR to traumatised workers supporting high risk adolescents, and support to women and children following family violence.

Workplace Trauma and Violence

Mental stress is a leading cause of health problems and costly to industry and workers alike. Throughout 2018 -19 we partnered with a leading child and family welfare organisation to deliver EMDR-EI for residential care workers experiencing workplace violence. Our innovative pilot model was successful in reducing symptoms of trauma, and was highly supported by staff. We are looking for EMDR practitioners who have completed our R-TEP and G-TEP training, to participate in delivering EMDR-EI in our ongoing project.

First Australians

EMDR Academy Australia is committed to remaining culturally accountable in our partnerships with our First Nations Peoples. In 2019 Sue-Anne Hunter and Jenny Dwyer jointly completed a Creswick Fellowship. Their report, titled Helping to Heal the Trauma of Australia’s First Peoples: Toward a culturally competent EMDR is available for download here. The report explored the potential of EMDR to contribute to healing and offered a pathway for capacity building. Sue-Anne and Jenny continue to work together in a cross-cultural partnership hoping to benefit Aboriginal children and families. They share their dual systems of knowledge and promote the importance of cultural competency within EMDR practice. They also provide support to Aboriginal workers at the front line.

Animal Assisted EMDR therapy

Therapy dogs are used in many settings, providing support and connection for traumatised adults and children. Our therapy dog, Momo, is a vital part of our therapy and training team. We have developed an integrative model of Animal Assisted EMDR Therapy (EMDR-AAT). We also partner with Melanie Jones and her team at Lead the Way Institute, providing Masterclasses for Animal Assisted Therapy practitioners.  Watch our upcoming events for training in Animal Assisted EMDR Therapy.


“Clients are best served by clinicians who are guided by research and are willing to learn, expand their skills, and experiment with innovative methods …To reiterate more succinctly, clients are best served if their clinicians are trained”
– Francine Shapiro, 2018

EMDR Academy educates the public, decision makers and therapists, about the healing potential of EMDR. We agree with Shapiro that the basis of effective practice, is good training. Our training, consultation and career development opportunities, help build a network of confident and skilled EDMR practitioners and consultants.

Our Level 1 Basic training is the first step in becoming an EMDR therapist; Level 2 Advanced training equips therapists to use EMDR with more complex cases; and our Refresher course rebuilds confidence and ensures practitioners are up to date with current theories and practice. We are currently developing our Consultant-in-Training program, which will be based on the same principles of excellence, innovation and fairness that underlies all our projects.

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Australian Aboriginal FlagEMDR Academy Australia acknowledges and celebrates the Traditional Owners of the lands on which we work and live. We pay our respects to Elders, past, present and future, and celebrate the rich and living culture of our First Peoples.